Rotator cuff injuries                         
Whiplash and ICBC claims
Neck and shoulder pain
Edema & Lymphedema
Hip pain
Knee pain
Plantar fasciitis


Hamstring and other strains
Sports injuries
Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
Frozen shoulder
Lack of flexibility
Achilles Tendonitis
Low back pain
Ankle sprains
Muscle soreness during pregnancy
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Thoracic outlet syndrome

Some of the conditions RMT's are trained to treat

Ron Mayne Massage Therapy

Why choose a RMT?

Did you know that in Canada, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Ontario hold the highest standards of professional practice in Massage Therapy?

This means that all of our Registered Massage Therapists complete an extensive 3000hr. Massage Therapy Program and Certified Board Exam, which designates them as Primary Healthcare Practitioners. This also means that they are governed and regulated by the CMTBC to ensure that they deliver safe, ethical, and effective care. For more information about Registered Massage Therapists please visit,

Registered Massage Therapists extensive education qualifies them as an expert in manual therapy, injury rehabilitation and prevention. As an integral part of our health care system, MSP, WCB, ICBC, and private insurers cover the cost of Registered Massage Therapy treatment.