For your first visit

I ask that before you arrive for your appointment, you complete an intake form online. You will be emailed an online intake form when you book your appointment.

Your first visit will be 60 minutes long where I will complete a comprehensive assessment; during this time you are encouraged to discuss any past and/or present physical traumas or limitations.

I will discuss with you how to get on the table and the appropriate level of dress (dependent on what is being treated and what you as the patient are comfortable with)

I will leave the room while you are getting on the table.

Given the information provided, I will begin an initial treatment for your injury/condition.

After treatment, I will discuss an upcoming treatment plan and educate you on your injury and/or restrictions. I believe that understanding your injury and the importance of prescribed at home care is a vital role to restoring your optimal health!

What to expect 

I'm located at Kelowna Kinesiology

Ron Mayne Massage Therapy

Inside my clinic room